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Data Protection:
Unlike programs and operating systems the data that is captured by your employers on a daily basis (the heart of your business) and important E-mails can not be recovered upon system failure unless you have proper backup systems in place and administer these backup systems correctly or you are prepared to pay huge amounts to try to recover your data.
Protection against Viruses & Malicious programs like Internet worms:
Your first line of defence is a properly maintained Fire wall and a virus program of good quality! Our service includes protection against these threats that can damage/destroy your data.
For a minimal fee starting from as low as R400,00 pm (depending on your network configuration and the number of computers) we will design, implement and administer a system to protect your data and E-mails.
If you feel that you have the required skill in your organisation and prefer to administer the system yourself we will design and implement a system which you can then administer on your own.

A Typical "Backup System” will include:

  • The making of copies of the client’s data as specified by the client on any media suitable to hold the data.
  • Storing the data on the same or a different media type until the data is required by the client.
  • Returning the data to the client on the client’s request to the installation address on media that will allow the data to be reloaded onto the client’s system.          
  • Reloading the data from the storage media onto the repaired system or a compatible new system provided that such a system/s is in a working condition.
  • Should the data in the latest backup set fail to restore the system due to what ever reason the next latest set of data that is working will be used to restore the client’s data.
  • Ensuring that the virus detection software client has the latest virus definition data loaded. Licensing of any virus detection software is between the provider/developer of such software and the client. The client is and remains responsible to pay any licensing fee/s that may be required to use the virus detection software.
  • Assisting the client in compiling a set of disks on an annual basis to serve as an archive. The data contained in this archive will be stored for a period that does not exceed 5 years.

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