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SWIFTLY! - Your PC hardware will be working within 2 hours.
RELIABLY! - You may never have to buy a new PC ever again.
AFFORDABLE! - IT Support that wonít mess up your budget.
From as little as R59-00 per month you as private PC owner or your Small Business can have the expertise of a dedicated IT hardware support team on standby, ready to assist you at any time, giving you the security that hardware downtime on any system that is covered under our support plan will be minimised to no more than 2 hours* GUARANTEED!
Our plan also includes Telephonic support for assistance with non-hardware faults and one hour free labour per month on general IT support.

In the event of failure our Service will repair/replace the following hardware on your PC:
- Hard Drives, Power Supply & Fan
- Main board, CPU, RAM
- Modem (Internal/External)
- VGA-, Sound- & Network cards
- Optical Drives (CD or DVD Drives)
- Stiffy-, Floppy- or Tape-Drives
- Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
- Printers & Scanners
- Network switches/hubs

In addition our clients also receive:
- 24/7 Telephonic support on software and hardware related issues.
- One hour Free software support per month.
- Software and Hardware purchases at our cost price*
- a Free Pop3 E-mail address accessible from any location on the Globe.
- a Free Fax to E-mail fax number linked to any e-mail address (There is no charge on incoming faxes).

If we are unable to repair your PC's hardware fault at your premises within two hours from arrival we will provide a replacement computer while we troubleshoot and fix your system at our specialist facility, keeping your downtime to the minimum.

If, during our troubleshooting and testing process, we find your PC or peripheral to be unstable and we are unable to fix this we will replace the affected part(s)/device/computer for free. We will also replace any component/s that shows signs of possible failure. Itís plainly more cost effective to fix a system during the current call out rather than to be called out again and again.

Our technicians are highly qualified with specialists in PC- and MAC configurations running all Windows- or Linux Operating systems.

Small Businesses are generally reliant on their computer systems to produce an income. A hardware failure on any of these systems normally results in the business suffering a serious financial loss due to the time lost and the replacement cost incurred by fixing, replacing or upgrading of the failed components. Our Support plan will remove the uncertainty of the costs that may be incurred by minimising down time on hardware failure to less than 2 hours and by fixing/replacing any hardware on the failed system at no extra charge.
JUST THINK! - IT Support that wonít mess up your budget.

In instances where we are unable to obtain replacement parts for your system we will replace the part in question, and all additional parts that may be required as a result of the change, with parts that are easily obtainable at that stage. This is a huge benefit for any PC owner especially those clients that are using older PC systems that will become outdated soon. You may have difficulty in obtaining parts for a system that is merely 2-3 years old.
THINK AGAIN! - You never have to buy a new PC ever again.

*  Only available if you have been a client for longer than three months.

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